The co-chairs are the head of our operation. They are the ones who lead meetings, reach out to other clubs, and so much more. If you have any general questions, they will be happy to help you!
This semester, our Co-Chairs are...

Shannon Lloyd (

Our secretary is the one who makes all the beautiful notes you get sent after every meeting. Our secretary keeps us organized and is pretty great. 
This semester, our Secretary is...

Sophia Griffin 

Our treasurer keeps all of our funding information. If you need a reimbursement for something you bought for the club, the treasurer if the one to contact. If you want to buy something from the club (like our awesome new shirts that are $15) contact the treasurer!
This semester, our Treasurer is...

Michael Villanueva (

Public Relations Coordinator
All the social media outreach that the club does goes through our Public Relations Coordinator. They post to all of our sites and remind everyone of our meetings! They're pretty great to be honest!
This semester, our Public Relations Coordinator is...

Green Fund Representative
Our Green Fund Representative relays information to the Green Fund Committee so we can get money for stuff we do. One example of a huge thing that this position has helped us with is proposing our Earth Day to the Green Fund to help make the event great!
This semester, our Green Fund Representative is...

Michael Villanueva (

Creative Coordinator
Our Creative Coordinator thinks of creative stuff for the club! Our design on our shirts (that we are selling for $15) was designed by the Creative Coordinator! If you see something that looks creative for the club, odds are this position thought of it.
This semester, our Creative Coordinator is...