Vampire Energy Slayers

Vampire Energy is all around us. It’s the cell phone charger left plugged in even though the phone is finished charging. It’s the computer left on over night. It’s the screen saver used instead of setting the computer to sleep mode. It’s the light left on in the bathrooms of academic buildings. It’s the unoccupied classroom lights that people don’t notice when they walk down the halls. It's the clock blinking on the coffee maker or microwave.These sources of low-watt energy usage account for 10-15% of energy consumption.

There is something you can do to reduce vampire energy on campus... you can SLAY IT!!!

UNCGreen coordinates monthly outings for volunteers to join a group of Vampire Energy Slayers on campus. Slayers are given a map and checklist, which indicates buildings that can be hunted for energy vampires. Other necessary materials will be provided, such as the "VES Tickets" that are also available for downloading on this page. Please note the following important reminders:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes for walking around campus and throughout buildings
  2. Leave the informational "VES Tickets" in areas where offenders will easily spot them
  3. Slay energy vampires by turning off lights in empty rooms and unplugging devices not in
  4. You are encouraged (but not required) to dress and play the part of a Vampire Energy Slayer

If you’d like to sign up for Vampire Energy Slayers, please e-mail UNCGreen at