Kylie Pond, Senior Co-Chair

I'm Kylie Pond, the Senior Co-Chair, and I have been a part of UNCGreen since 2018 in various positions. I am a senior getting my B.A. in Environment and Sustainability.

I became interested in sustainability when I went to Costa Rica with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians during high school and saw how happy the Costa Ricans were because of their care for the environment and the living beings on it. My favorite activities are hiking, spelunking, horseback riding, kayaking, SUPing, sailing, climbing, and listening to One Direction.

Anna Kristine, Junior Co-Chair

My name is Anna Kristine. and I am currently UNCGreen's junior co-chair! I am going into my third year at UNCG, and am majoring in Studio Arts. In my free time I take care of my plant friends, make lattes, and listen to podcasts.

I have been concerned and involved with sustainability for a few years now, and have begun the lifestyle journey of low-waste and minimalism. A goal I have for this year is to help show people simple ways to help our environment! Little changes can make a big difference, and I am excited to share my experience in such an important cause. I know that my voice is heard and I have the power to make a difference in my community. Especially at UNCG! I look forward to growing and learning while I am a student here, and I hope to learn a lot from my peers and club members this semester.

Precious Jackson, Finance Chair

Hey everyone! My name is Precious Jackson and I'll be serving as your Treasurer for this school year. I'm a Senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business.

I first became interested in sustainability when I was younger learning about different ways that we can protect the Earth, which then inspired me to join UNCGreen

Jasmin Vincent, Administrative Chair

My name is Jasmin Vincent and I will be serving as your UNCGreen Secretary for this school year. I am a senior majoring in Studio Arts, with a concentration in New Media and Design, as well as a minor in Psychology.

I first became interested in environmental issues due to an environmental science class I took in high school. However my interest grew even more due to my hobby of watching documentaries in my free time. Other hobbies of mine include graphic design, photography, and watching true crime documentaries.

Jamison Cole, Marketing Chair

Howdy! I'm Jamison! I'm your UNCGreen Marketing Chair for 2020-21! I'm a junior, majoring in Biology, with a concentration in Environmental Science, minoring in Musical Theatre and Math. I'm passionate about environmental and social justice issues, as well as arts! I'm vegan, striving for a low waste lifestyle, and an aspiring activist. I am also a musician, writer, and plant parent!

Tiana Campos, Service Chair

Hi, my name is Tiana J. Campos. I am in the senior class of 2021 and my major is Environmental Studies with a minor in Biology. I love doing new things, majority of them I’ve done through UNCG Outdoor Adventures (OA). You should definitely check them out when you have a chance. I’m a certified scuba diver, which I had to do when I went to study abroad to Little Cayman Island when I did Coral Conservation! I’ll do anything for the environment and can’t wait to share my ideas! My picture is flipping off people who don’t care about the environment.

Canaan Grant, Green Fund Representative

My name is Canaan Grant, and this year I'm sitting on the Green Fund Committee as UNCGreen's student representative. I am a fourth-year student majoring in Environment and Sustainability with a Concentration in the Natural Sciences and a second major in Geography.

On the committee this year, I hope to gain new insight into what issues are most important to UNCG's student body, and how we can work together to improve our campus, our city, and beyond! I first became interested in Environmental Issues when I took APES in High SChool. Since becoming involved on-campus at UNCG, I have become particularly interested in campus sustainability and sustainable urban planning. For fun, I enjoy crocheting, listening to podcasts, and going to trivia nights at local restaurants.

Sean MacInnes, Advisor

I'm UNCGreen's advisor and am inspired daily by the passion our students have for protecting the environment across all facets of our campus community and beyond.

As UNCG's Sustainability Specialist, I'm proud to work alongside students, staff, and faculty to support UNCG's environmental stewardship efforts.